Thursday, August 14, 2008

What is Anonymous Smiles?

It's a simple experiment to spread some colour and cheer. You send me an address and I will have the pleasure to post a colourful, handmade postcard greeting on your behalf. As simple as that.

Why spread anonymous smiles?

Just because to spread smiles and surprise people in a way they least expect can give you a kick...
It will also make you feel good if you be instrumental in spreading cheer by sending across an address.

When this idea struck?

It's been there since a long time now. I love writing letters and drawing postcards. I buy postcards by the dozen and draw on them what my mood dictates me to. Most of the times it's flowers in bright colours. I thought it would be fun if I put my free time to good use by being a mediator of cheer.

Whom can I send a card through Anonymous Smiles?

Anyone. Including you. Anyone who think will have a moment's smile after receiving a handmade postcard.
I have thought of collecting addresses of people in old age homes, or parents of NRIs staying alone. If you can help me send a card to such people, let me know...

Whom we depend on to deliver the little scraps of joy?

The Indian Postal System. Your neighbourhood postman.
The fifty paisa 3" by 5" yellow postcard, to be precise. The medium could also be the twenty-five paisa Meghdoot postcard which, in spite of a paper and printing quality far better than the fifty paisa one, has become very hard to find these days.
Most of all, we depend on the belief that the cheapest medium of communication is still given its due respect and shall be delivered sooner if not later.

Why should I send a postcard when I can buy a fancy card?

Because a postcard is hundred times cheaper. Actually, here its free of cost and something in which physical time, energy and efforts have gone. Handmade greetings are rare these days, won't you agree?
Anonymous Smiles is a one-way communication, a moment of cheer that you can send to surprise. It's one of those eccentric quirks that might just brighten someone's day.

Here's a look at the kind of postcards that will reach out to people:

Now, it can't be this simple. What's the catch?

I send only postcards. That means AS is limited to people in India as of now. However, in case you don't have a proper postal address, Anonymous Smiles can also send designed JPEG cards by email.

Also, friends took anywhere between less than a week to more than a month to receive the postcards. This means AS cannot take responsibility of time-bound messages.

How do I know the addresses are safe with you?

Doesn't anyone from your mobile company to your bank to your travel agent send you unsolicited advertisement mailers?
Rest assured I won't add to your worries. The addresses I may receive will be stored safely and will not be bartered with anyone, for anything.

The thing is, this is one initiative from a single person. Trust is all I can ask and trust is all you can give at this stage...

Alright. Tell me where do I send the addresses?

Right here at

How else can I help?

By telling your friends about Anonymous Smiles. A simple way to help would be to blogroll this page. Also, you could put up the cheery logo I have made on your blog to support the idea. Copy the html code given below:

[a href=""][img alt="Anonymous Smiles" width="132" src="" height="157"/][/a]

[a href=""]Click to know more[/a]

Replace [ with <> in the above code before publishing.

Let's spread some cheer..