Thursday, July 23, 2009


This place is not quite dead. Thankfully, some people still wander by this blog, appreciate the idea and send in addresses of their loved ones.

The inflow of requests is a little less than I expected (just below a dozen since the last update) but slowly and surely, the idea is picking up. Most requests have come in the last 2-3 months, and that means the idea is still viral, finds its way across to people with some will force of its own.

Take for example Toolika. She dropped by last month and left words of encouragement that mean a lot to me. Thanks Toolika!

A sweet email from a blogger friend thought it's time to brief up people that Anonymous Smiles is still alive and kicking. She gently prodded if the project is still on and then went on with her requests. She wants me to send postcards to three people. The gesture is her way of forgiving and forgetting and I am touched she chose me as the medium.

With this new flush of requests, including two email postcards that I have just sent, my enthusiasm has more than doubled. You know, let me confide, I was slowly giving up on the idea, feeling it has not many takers after a long spell of no addresses in the mailbox. But now, I am up to this with a renewed energy. Postcards are on their way and I am sure, they will bring quite some pleasant surprises when they reach.

In the meantime, spread the word. Eagerly awaiting requests for postcards and e-postcards...Send addresses to