Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Updates... Anonymous Smiles on their way!


Thanks to some people, who took time out to remember other people, and trust this strange business that i call Anonymous Smiles, colourful postcards are doing rounds of various post offices across India. Now now, I know I am exaggerating. But that line sounded so grand. :D

So here are some postcards that I sent, and the people who so graciously took part in the idea by sending across a request.

Shekhar 'inaugurated' Anonymous Smiles with an ingenious request to get a postcard delivered to himself. Yay! People that's a great option. If you can't think of anyone in particular, you might as well do with a dainty little postcard for yourself, out of the blue...

Aditi just "LOVED the concept of anonymous smiles" - and had a perfect candidate: her 11-year old neice, recently stepped into puberty and a little overwhelmed with all the attention and cramping!

Joseph Pinto wanted a card delivered to 'a dear friend from 1973'

Anu said it was a 'llovely idea of sending postcard to anonymous people' and was pleased when the postcard reached her dear one...

Suren wanted to send a smile to a friend who 'seems to be in a very depressing phase now. All I want to do is make her smile. And I guess nothing can do it better than your post'.

wanted to send a card to his friend. It's a different story that the card seemingly took ages to reach (or the recipient was too surprised to track the sender down! :)

Sai said this: "Hi. I went through your blog and am so happy and surprised to see such a thought provoking act done. Hats off... could you pls send a card to the below mentioned loving old couple (my parents)" .

Rakesh wanted to send cards to Jharkhand and New Delhi

Nitya wanted to surprise a friend in Chennai, who happens to 'collect postcards as a hobby'

Join the idea. Send in an address at


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nitya said...

My postcard reached! Thanks a ton!

Toolika Wadhwa said...

i love your idea... and have put it on my blog... i hope it helps.. maybe we can get in touch and i can join you when you have too many requests... :)